Chinti and Parker x Barbie™ Collaboration Launch Party

In a delightful confluence of fashion, nostalgia, and femininity, Chinti and Parker hosted a sensational event in collaboration with BarbieTM. The evening proved to be a remarkable success, with a full capacity of influencers gathering to witness the magic of the Barbie collections. The event was graced by none other than Chinti and Parker's esteemed Founder & CEO, Rachael Wood, who shared her insights and passion for the collaboration. The venue was adorned with charming Barbie-themed decorations, and the atmosphere was nothing short of vibrant and bubbly, much like the pink drinks served throughout the evening.

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Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is highly underrated. Even the most minor inconvenience can seem overwhelming when we’re tired. So, when everything seems a bit much, consider calling it a day. But rather than flinging yourself into bed, take the time to curate a relaxing and sustainable bedtime routine, which will help you on your way to better sleep. Taking a break from screens, wearing comfortable loungewear, and cultivating a specific sleeping environment, are all proactive steps you can take.